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Animal Welfare Partners


The Midcoast Animal Hospital has set up Animal Welfare League (AWL) cat rehoming. Working along side the AWL NSW Great Lakes/Manning Branch foster carers to help find forever homes for cats and kittens. 

The Midcoast Animal Hospital completes all the necessary vet work on rehoming cats. This includes:




-Flea Prevention

-All Worming

-Tick Prevention

The Midcoast Animal Hospital posts all available cats and kittens on the clinic's facebook page. The AWL Great Lakes/Manning Branch also posts available pets on their facebook page.


The adoption process involves viewing the cat first, ensuring prospective owners have permission from landlords (if renting) to have cats and filling in adoption paperwork.

Please be advised that all cat adoptions and surrenders must be first approved by the AWL Great Lakes/Manning Branch. 

The Midcoast Animal Hospital also accepts AWL vet work vouchers for routine procedures like desexing cats and dogs. Please be advised that these vouchers must be organised prior to the surgery date and the owner must provide a print-out upon surgical admission of their pet. Any additional services are generally not included in desexing vouchers. The owner is fully responsible for the cost of any additional services.

Phone (general enquiries): 0408 670 757
Desexing assistance: 0490 089 776
Cat adoptions/surrenders: 0490 262 827
Dog adoptions/surrenders: 0490 165 148



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Midcoast Council's Companion Animal Centre tries to find owners of lost pets and also adopts out cat and dogs to loving homes.

If you have lost your pet, please contact Midcoast Council's Companion Animal Centre as the centre holds cats and dogs who have been handed in and tries to reunite them with their owners.

Midcoast Companion Animal Centre also releases some pets to other pet rescue organisations who find caring homes for the animals.

The Midcoast Animal Hospital provides veterinary work to the cats and dogs in care.

If you have found a lost pet please contact the Midcoast Council to arrange pick-up by a ranger.

Please be advised that cats are legally allowed to roam.


Please be advised that the Midcoast Animal Hospital can only scan pets for existing microchips and try and contact owners. The Midcoast Animal Hospital is unable to hold any lost pets at our clinic at this time.

(02) 7955 7777



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FAWNA NSW Inc. (For Australian Wildlife Needing Aid) was established for the purpose of supporting wildlife through rehabilitation and hopefully re-releasing animals back into the wild.

FAWNA is licenced to care for most native Australian wildlife species and provides the care for orphaned, injured, or abandoned wildlife through FAWNA's highly trained team of wildlife carers.

The Midcoast Animal Hospital works with FAWNA to provide veterinary assistance to sick and injured wildlife, particularly native birds. 

Please be advised that if you have found native Australian Wildlife in distress, please contact FAWNA.

 If you find a native bird please contact us on (02) 6557 2273.

Please be advised that it is illegal for any member of the public to keep any form of native wildlife. Specialised training and licensing is needed to care for any wildlife, especially sick or injured animals. Individuals can be fined by government authorities if found in possession of wildlife without appropriate licenses or training.


(02) 6581 4141



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